Experience the magic of the Journey with hundreds of new friends, who have an ear for different music genres, love dance, create art and live a conscious lifestyle. 7 Vibes Journey encourages people to think differently about routine, dance music and life itself! It’s about an evening party experience through seven ascending music worlds and eras with the most lovely people we can imagine. This dance floor is not normal!

What was the wisdom of that long forgotten civilisation in the north? Our ancestors wandered through this land in a connection with nature and living in harmony with the earth. Where is all that valuable knowledge which is so close to us? We’ve been waiting for this Journey for so long and finally we are happy to announce that the month of October is dedicated to the fascinating world of Pagan. We can’t wait to meet our lovely Basel family again on the 12th of October at Viertel Club for this special edition. Let’s celebrate autumn as a reminder of that beautiful resonance in the rhythm. For sure, our ancient culture left us much more than Easter or Christmas. Join us for another evening with the enchantment of our Flow Crew, Vibe Masters and most lovely people you can imagine.

  • Opening & Closing Ceremony
  • The Flow Crew
  • The Magic Bazar
  • Persian Vegan Food
  • Glitter Fairy
  • Conscious Talk & Drink