AFTERLIFE is a dance for anyone who has ever loved someone, lost someone or lived on after loss. Massive beats. Ecstatic physicality. Erotic intimacy. Sudden death.
Beginning on the banks of the Rhein River when a motorcycle pulls up, the audience is pulled into Gannet’s inner chambers for an endless club night. Based on real events, AFTERLIFE is about the spark that connects equals, the stamina and risk of love, and how everything can change in an instant.

AFTERLIFE is an immersive dance performance with live DJs by SNOW productions (Lillian Stillwell & Tom Ryser). The 100% local Basel cast features dancers Aline Serrano and Mukdankin Phongpachith as soulmates whose happy end never comes and DJ duo Schwifi (Ada Fischer, Sophia Schwager) as the modern-day Greek Chorus driving this tragic love story.

60 minutes. All shows followed by afterparties.