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You want to bring your handstand practice to the next level?
You want to explore new shapes and entries?
Bring more variety into your training?


Refine your technique to have better and easier handstands
Benefit from a motivated group and have a fun workshop
Get those epiphanies, that catapult your further training to the top!

PREREQUISITES: being comfortable to kick up and hold 5-10 seconds; bailout (exit to the back)

At my Handstand Workshop, you will learn:

  • advanced techniques
  • specific exercises
  • working on form with many details
  • building a solid training structure
  • the right mindset for good handstands

registration only per email:
[email protected]

max. 8 participants

CHF 120.-

Hope to see you there,

Handstand Workshop - Intermediate Training
Sonntag 28.06. um 10:30 - 13:30

unternehmen mitte
Gerbergasse 30, 4001 Basel

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Über 100 CHF

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