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-MOSKO- (2030/ Tel Aviv)
Mosko Is a 28 year old DJ and producer based in Tel-Aviv Israel.
His passion for music started at a young age, and in no time he was up on stage.
Over the years with past experiences in mind, he's sculpted a unique point of view about music, dance floors and clubbing.
Mosko has released sets, mix tapes and mixes, all which is not limited to any genre, molding styles and genres in order to gradually create a trippy yet powerful musical experience.
His tracks are supported by Ame, Jennifer Cardini, Adriatique, Solomun, Black Coffee, Perel, Chaim, Marco Resmann and many more
Recently, Mosko also functions as a label owner for 2030 - a Tel Avivian based record label that's focused on bringing tomorrows music to today's clubs.
Let there be light.

-TAKIRU- (2030/ Tel Aviv)
Takiru is the stage name of Guy Shaked, Tel Aviv based electronic & experimental producer.
Guy is one of the most performing Dj's in the israeli Club scene and label owner of 2030, together with Mosko and Dor Reuveni.
In 2019 he made a great step forward into the electronic music scene as his releases were played by leading Dj's such as Moscoman, Trikk. Musumeci and many more.
His upcoming release "Square One" will be released at the brand new label of the famous blog "Sweet Musique" and is a perfect way to end this year and to welcome 2020.

-BENI JACKSEN- (Hi! / _Viertel Klub)
Beni Jacksen is a DJ and producer from Basel, Switzerland.
He reached out to Djing at the age of 28 and since then never stopped performing in the city clubs to sharpen his skills and deliver his punchy style.
Founder of former club event Farbe.Form.Musik, his eagerness to provide the best gigs around town (Nordstern, Kaschemme) made him connect and learn more about what the crowd wanted.
He showcased in the infamous clubs that are Palais Münich, Kosmonaut, Rummelsbucht in Berlin.
Played at Salon zur Wilden Renate, Kater Blau, R19, Brunnen 70 (Berlin), Pygmalion (Dublin), Taboo (Madrid), Club 21 (Luxembourg).
Enjoyed playing for the festival crowds as per Plötzlich am Meer (Poland), Cesarhof (France), Waldbeat (Weimar - Germany), Badelatschen Open Air (Berlin), Gießgrübe (Berlin).
In 2018 he became a resident DJ at Viertel Club, one of the most acclaimed clubs in Basel.
Beni Jacksen’s touch as his recent productions, leans towards the eclectic and 80’s melodic side of electronic music.
No matter what genre he plays, his desire is to keep people loving the moment and enjoying dancing to his sound all night long.

DJ and Producer from Basel. Vincent started playing in 2017 while creating his former Party Label (Noctua), since then music took a big part of his life. Began throwing local underground Parties (Dungeons & DJs) and soon after hit the Club scene.
His board counts no less than 50 official gigs counting destinations as Thailand and Tel Aviv.
His style is impulsive and genre-free. His energy behind the decks is contagious and infects the crowds to feel free and dance wild to it. Currently working on new prod tracks alongside his friend and partner in crime Clckwrkd.
Stay tuned for the upcoming releases.

-SAESH- (Metamorph / Tante Pinte)
Sacha Fiechter alias Sæsh ist ein DJ aus Basel und steht für elektrisierende Sets ohne Grenzen. Sæsh wird dich auf eine Reise durch Raum und Zeit entführen und die richtige Atmosphäre schaffen um dem Alltag zu entfliehen.
Mit 15 Jahren war DJing war nur ein kleines Hobby. Das änderte sich 2017 als er eine Residency im Club «Tante Pinte» bekam und das Partylabel «Voice» mit einigen Freunden gründete. Im Jahr 2018 beendete er sein Studium als Tontechniker (FH) an der S.E.T.
Jetzt investiert Sæsh viel Zeit und Energie in die Produktion von Musik, dass erlernen von Instrumenten und der Verfeinerung seiner DJ-Skills.

-VINCENTN- (Tante Pinte)
Vincent N. Ein DJ aus Sissach entdeckte schon früh seine Zuneigung zur elektronischen Musik. Was einst in kleinen Räumlichkeiten unter Freunden begann ist bis heute fester Bestandteil seines Lebens. In seinem Heimatclub Tante Pinte spielt der DJ regelmässig als Resident. Musikalisch bewegt sich Vincent N. Im Techhouse Genere. seine Sets sind geprägt von harmonischen Melodien und Basslines, die direkt in die Füsse gehen.

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