Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2024 von 20:00 - 22:00 Uhr @ Parterre One

Russian Comedy - Anton Lirnik

Get ready to laugh with Anton Lirnik's Russian Comedy Standup! Join Anton Lirnik, famous from Chekhov Duet, for his solo debut! "One Life Remains" - A hilarious journey from cradle to grave! Anton Lirnik will have you in stitches as he explores life's absurdities! Don't miss this chance to see Anton Lirnik live on stage!

Standup special (in Russian language) of Anton Lirnik, famous as a participant of Chekhov Duet. 

Anton Lirnik, a former member of the Chekhov Duet, is going on tour for the first time with his solo standup. 

This is a very funny, personal and close to the soul of every viewer concert called “One Life Remains”.

From birth to death each person lives several lives: in kindergarten, school, institute, in the yard... In an unforgettable vacation. In a marriage. In a second marriage... 

 Anton Lirnik is an artistic and soulful comedian who will make you remember your past lives and laugh at them. And also to think: who even said that we have not one life, but several? Where did this nonsense come from? What am I doing here? And why is it so funny? 

 Because this is Anton Lirnik - a member of Comedy Club, Laugh League and dozens of humor shows, and he is also a great stand-up comedian! Come and see for yourself!

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