Irish Pub

An Irish Pub in Basel has big britches to fill. The history of Irish pubs, such as the Auld Dubliner, goes back a long, long time.

Yet, the Auld Dubliner is much more than just another Basel pub or bar. She’s also a restaurant, gallery, venue for live musicians, and so much more than another pub in Basel, she’s also a home away from home.

The Rich History of Irish Pubs
‘Auld’ is an affectionate moniker used in Ireland referring to someone or something which is not only old, but also; warm, cozy, full of memories, and adored.
In the home of Eire, it was commonplace for long-time patrons, also known as the “Auld Lads”, to have their own stool in the pubs of old. Nobody dared sit there, for even the boldest of young men respected the Auld Lads. The well-crafted wooden bars were well-worn from elbows, mugs, brawls, and years of love. From the moment of your arrival through the doors to the wee hours of the morn, when it was time to go, this cozy place made you feel at home. It was a place where everyone knew each other by name, and where they’d pull up a stool to hear your story if they didn’t.

The Basel Bar that’s Authentic
The Auld Dubliner is an authentic Irish Pub from top-to-bottom, where even the floors were crafted with the love of a legend: Mel McNally. Mel McNally has been the architect of thousands of genuine Irish Pubs around the world; from the Americas to the Outback, Mel has brought a piece of Eire to the hearts and souls of many.
The Auld Dubliner is located a grand 726 miles from Dublin, in the heart of Basel; thus, bringing a piece of our home to you. Regardless of from where you hail, an Auld Pub is home for anyone who walks through its doors. Whether it be a random Wednesday evening crawl with the lads or Saint Patrick’s Day, The Auld Dubliner welcomes you to our home, our pub. Pull up a stool, share your story, and, whether you’re an expat in Switzerland or not, drink only the finest of beer. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the grandest bar Basel has to offer.


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